Here's a cupcake treat idea that will definitely get your springtime celebration hopping. Each cupcake is decorated like an Easter basket featuring a marshmallow bunny, "grass" frosting, candy eggs and flowers, and even a basket handle made of candy. These cupcakes may look too adorable to eat, but there will be an Easter parade of hungry guests ready to take a bite out of them.

easter cupcakes

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Things You’ll Need

  • Cake mix

  • Cupcake wrappers

  • Frosting

  • Green food coloring

  • Spatula

  • Green jimmies

  • Peeps Bunny marshmallows

  • Knife

  • Wood skewer

  • Sour Punch Straws

  • Candy flowers

  • Egg-shaped jelly beans


Step 1: Bake the Cupcakes

Using a cake mix or your own recipe, bake the cupcakes according to directions in festive cupcake liners. Cakes that are lighter in color, like white or yellow cake, will not show through the liner as much as darker cakes like chocolate. Fill the liners between two-thirds to three-quarters full of batter so the cake rises to just above the rim.

bake cupcakes

Step 2: Dye the Frosting

To make the frosting green so it's like grass, add a few drops of green food coloring to vanilla or buttercream frosting, and mix thoroughly. You can use your own recipe for frosting or buy a prepackaged tub from the store. Keep adding food coloring until the frosting has the shade of green you want.


Use gel food coloring, which won't add additional liquid to your frosting.

dye frosting

Step 3: Apply the Frosting

Scoop up about two tablespoons of frosting on a spatula, and spread it in a circular motion to cover the top of the cupcake.


Step 4: Sprinkle Jimmies

To create the fresh-cut grass look, sprinkle green Jimmies on top of the frosting. They will stick to the frosting on contact.


Step 5: Add the Bunny

A whole bunny Peep is too tall for the cupcake, so cut the Peep at the shoulders with a knife. This way, it will look like the bunny is peeking up out of the grass.

bunny head

Place a dab of frosting under the Peep. This frosting will act like glue so the Peep will stay attached to the top of the cupcake, especially if there are Jimmies there that could be in the way.

dab frosting

Position the Peep bunny in the center of the cupcake, gently pressing down so the bunny stays in place.

peep bunny

Step 6: Add the Basket Handle

With a wood skewer, poke a half-inch hole on both sides of the bunny near the edge of the cupcake. Insert the skewer outward at an angle.


Insert the two ends of a Sour Punch Straw (or Red Vine licorice) into the holes you made with the skewer, following the same outward angle so the handle bows out slightly. Press down on both ends of the handle until it makes contact with the bunny ears. The bunny ears keep the handle steady, while the handle keeps the bunny firmly planted in the grass.


Step 7: Fill the Basket

Now it's time to fill the basket with candy eggs and flowers. Because of all the Jimmies, there might not be enough exposed frosting to make contact with the eggs and flowers. If that's the case, place a dab of frosting on the back of them before placing in the basket.


The dab of frosting is like glue, and the candy holds securely.

candy flower

Continue placing jelly bean eggs all around the basket, anchoring them in the frosting. Besides being adorable and delicious, the candy also helps prop up the bunny and keep the handle aligned.

jelly beans

Lined up in a row, these cupcakes are ready to provide fun, cuteness and a sugar rush to everyone at your Easter gathering.

basket cupcakes


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