Espresso Martini Recipe

There is quite a gap every day between coffee hour and cocktail time – that's the space where this recipe shines, althou

5 Juicers That Will Make You Want to Drink Your Veggies (and Fruits)

Ill admit, before I very recently looked into the world of juicers, I had no idea that there were so many different kin

Fireball Whisky Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Nothing says "autumn" quite like a classic pumpkin pie. Still, it can be fun to experiment with different versions, espe

How to Make Long Island Iced Tea Jello Shots

If you're a fan of mixed drinks, you've likely had your fair share of Long Island iced teas. But have you ever had it in

Apple Cider Sangria Recipe

Looking for a seasonal drink to celebrate autumn? Try this apple cider sangria. With ingredients like crisp apples, ging

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea Recipe

Golden milk turmeric tea, also known as golden milk latte, is a popular beverage in the wellness community. It features

10 Must-Try Hacks for Delicious Homemade Cocktails

Cocktails are to drinking what cooking is to eating: Theyre how you take a handful of ingredients and turn them into a u

How to Make Skinny Cherry Lime Margaritas

How can you not love these skinny cherry lime margaritas? They have just 140 calories each, are simple to make, and dang

Try These 10 Tasty & Money-Saving Coffee Shop Recipes at Home

When youre looking at your bank account and wondering where all the money went, its worth asking yourself: How many $6 c

How to Make Dalgona Whipped Coffee

If you havent tried to whip coffee, now is the perfect time to do so! Its incredibly simple, and takes just a few minute

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