One of the most memorable parts of any successful Halloween party is the food, and these graveyard dessert cups are sure to bring any dead party back to life. Complete with mud, dirt, bones, grass and a headstone, these festive DIY personal desserts are simply to die for. Just follow these easy steps and get ready to dig in!

DIY Graveyard Pudding Cups

Things You’ll Need

  • Oreos

  • Chocolate pudding

  • Milano Cookies

  • Black gel icing

  • Green sour punch straw candies

  • White bone candies

  • Small clear bowls or cups

  • Plastic snack bag

Step 1

Scoop chocolate pudding into the clear cup or bowl to create the "mud".

pudding mud

Step 2

Add candy bones around the rim of the pudding facing the sides of the bowl.

candy bones

Step 3

Pour Oreos into the plastic snack bag and use a utensil such as an ice cream scoop to crush the cookies into crumbs. Then sprinkle the cookie crumbs on top of the pudding to bury the candy bones in "dirt".

cookie crumb dirt bury bones

Step 4

Place a Milano cookie into the pudding and cookie crumbs so that the top half of the cookie is sticking out. Then use the black gel icing to complete the headstone with "R.I.P."


Step 5

Cut green sour punch straw candies into pieces about 2 inches long, then cut each piece into thinner strips. Fold each thin strip into a "v" shape and stick the folded points into the cookie crumbs to create a grass effect.

candy grass add grass

Step 6

Top everything off with a few more candy bones.

top with bones

Now you're ready to dig in. Bone appétit!

final graveyard cup graveyard cups graveyard cups


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