... Keeping fresh cut fruit from turning dark is possible by using naturally occuring inhibitors.

Many people today are interested in natural products that taste good, are healthy and economical. Keeping fresh fruit pretty after it is cut is a challenge. When fresh fruit is cut, it loses water. This loss of water starts the growth of fungi and molds that accelerate the spoiling process. This process causes the cut fruit to turn brown and unattractive. There are commercial products that slow this process such as Fruit Fresh, but for those who are into natural, healthy eating, the amount of sugar in this product is a problem.

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Vitamin C Tablets

One alternative to using a commercial product to retard the spoiling process of fresh cut fruit is to use vitamin C tablets. To make an effective vitamin C solution to prevent browning, crush four 500 mg tablets of vitamin C and dissolve the powder in enough water to completely coat or cover the amount of cut fruit you plan to prepare. Vitamin C is readily available in grocery and drug stores.

Natural Sulfur

Naturally occurring sulfur has the potential to prohibit the browning that happens when fresh fruit is cut. The "Journal of Food Science" published a report indicating that natural sulfur is effective in prohibiting the browning of cut fruit for up to 14 days. This is a much longer time than other natural options. Persons, who need to prohibit the spoiling process of cut fresh fruit for an extended period of time, may want to consider using natural sulfur as an alternative to commercial products.

Chili Pepper

Chili pepper is very high in vitamin C and is thus highly effective in reducing or completely eliminating the browning that occurs when fresh fruit is cut. Dipping cut fruit into a solution of ground chili pepper and water will prevent browning. The proportion of chili pepper to water is dependent upon how much fruit is being cut for preservation.

Fruit Juices

Placing fresh cut fruit onto a wash of the juice from other fruit high in vitamin C is another way to inhibit fresh fruit from turning brown. Mixing fresh cut fruit with orange or pineapple juice or bottled lemon and lime juices keeps fresh fruit clear from darkening.

Fresh Fruit

Mixing fresh fruits that discolor after cutting, such as apples, bananas and pears, with other fruits high in vitamin C is an effective way to keep the fruit from discoloring. Making a fresh fruit salad which includes fresh orange and pineapple slices works effectively because of the high amount of ascorbic acid in these fruits.


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