51 Hairstyles for Straight Hair | Contrary to popular belief, straight hair doesn't have to be boring. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, we've curated tons of ideas to get you through all the seasons - summer, fall, winter, and spring! These ideas are simple, cute, and easy to re-create at home. From casual half up half down looks for school, to braided hairstyles for work, to formal updos for prom, weddings, and more, we've included step by step hair tutorials for each look!

Straight hair can be difficult to style, especially if it’s thin and flat. If you’re dealing with straight, lifeless locks, you’re going to love today’s post. We’ve compiled the very best hairstyles for straight hair whether you have short, medium or long locks. You may feel like there aren’t that many options for straight hair, but the truth is, you can do so much with it! From using accessories to elevate your hairstyle to amazing products that will add life and texture, your hair journey is just beginning! Ready to be amazed? Check out our favourite hairstyles for straight hair!

21 Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair

12 Easy Short Hairstyles | Zoe Alexondra

These 12 hairstyles are all perfect for gals with short, straight hair. Whether you want to wear your hair up, down or in between, this tutorial covers it all. You’ll need rainbow hair barrettes, a rat tooth comb, a flat brush, bobby pins and hair ties. All the hairstyles are super quick and easy, just follow along to get the looks and try a new hairstyle each day!

9 Easy Baddie Hairstyles for Short Hair | Megan Santa Cruz

With 9 hairstyles in this tutorial, you have plenty of options to rotate through. For these hairstyles, you’re going to need scrunchies, a brush and a hair straightener. Even if your hair is straight already, it helps to go over it with a straightener to make it soft and sleek. She also uses the L’Oreal Lock It Bold Control hairspray to keep her baby hairs at bay. All her looks are chic and stylish – they’re perfect whether you’re going out on a date or heading to a fancy event!

12 Medium Hairstyles for Straight Hair

7 Straight Hair Heatless Hairstyles | Lyss Ryann

These straight hair hairstyles for medium hair are all completely heatless, so you don’t have to worry about doing any heat damage to your hair. She uses accessories like a hair band and bobby pins for some of the styles, but they’re all super easy to do. From a twist and turn style to a flip and twist, a braided headband and more, these are going to be your new go-to hairstyles!

5 Quick Hairstyles for Straight Hair | Bella Deegz

These five hairstyles are so effortless but they make a gorgeous impact. They’re quick to do, so perfect if you have a busy morning before running out the door. All you need is bobby pins and if you want to use a dry texture spray to give your hair some volume, we’re all for it! From a twist hairstyle to a braided hairstyle and some gorgeous half up dos, you’re going to love these straight hairstyles for medium hair!

18 Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

10 Straight Hair Heatless Hairstyles | Lyss Ryann

If you have long, straight hair and are looking for everyday looks you can wear to work, school or out with friends, look no further! This round up of 10 heatless hairstyles ensures you won’t cause any heat damage to your hair, while also making you look great! From half up dos to braided styles, you’ll love these straight hairstyles! She recommends using a texture spray or dry shampoo to add volume to your hair! It’s super necessary, especially if you have naturally thin hair.

Hairstyles for Straight Hair | Amy-Rose Walker

If you’re looking for cute straight hairstyles, this video has quite a few in store for you. She begins by using a hair straightener to create dead straight locks (don’t forget to use a heat spray to protect your hair!). From a low bun to a high pony and styles in between, these hairstyles are elegant and chic! You can use hairspray to keep them in place and spray down any baby hairs that may go rogue.

4 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Long and Straight Hair | Devina Gohil

For these looks, she starts out straightening her hair with the classic GHD hair straightener and brushing it out with a Wet ‘n Wild By Cala hair brush. She brings you step by step through each hairstyle and she gives you great tips for getting the most out of each one. They’re quick and easy, so you can do them before you run out the door in the morning. A volumizing texture spray will work wonders to give life to your hair, too!

There are plenty of hairstyles you can create if you have straight hair. Whether it’s short, medium or long in length, these straight hairstyles will make you look and feel great!


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