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It's tough to break the everyday habit of getting coffee at your favorite place. The aromas, the friendly baristas and the warmth of familiar faces makes this routine feel special. But if you add up all of those daily breakfasts-to-go, that ritual quickly morphs into an expensive indulgence. You can save some cash by using your beloved shop for inspiration. Carve a weekend or two out of your schedule to work on projects like wall sconces and upholstered stools, and taste-test recipes for vanilla iced coffee and homemade croissants. You'll end up with the best your cafe has to offer, without leaving the house.

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Bring the Specialties Home

One of the most convenient aspects of buying coffee every morning is that the barista knows exactly how to make the perfect latte. But with a little bit of practice and the right ingredients, you can learn, too. If you want an Instagram-worthy recipe, try this matcha latte.

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Master Your Own Starbucks Order

For a real cafe taste without standing in line, try homemade vanilla-flavored iced coffee at home. Every week, you can make batches that'll get you through a few mornings and afternoons. This recipe also includes steps on how to get better tasting vanilla syrup.

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Stock Up on Drink Additions

If you want to try almond milk, you don't even have to change out of your pajamas. You can make it from scratch using raw almonds, water and a few kitchen tools, and then add it to your daily joe. After trying this, experiment with some of your other favorite add-ons to expand your in-house menu.

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Learn How to Make Delicious Pastries

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Keep Sweet Treats Around

Want ice cream for breakfast? You can totally have it with lavender lemon ice cream bread — you can buy lavender buds at your local specialty foods store. Making a loaf over the weekend is a surefire way to keep a case of the Mondays from coming around.

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Carve Out Relaxation Time

One of the best weekend routines is to wake up, go to the coffee shop around the corner and spend a few hours enjoying a lovely morning. If that's not on the schedule, you should still set aside some weekend relaxation time. A mandala art project is a great place to start.

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Upgrade Your Tech

You shouldn't have to go to the cafe just to get air conditioning or an Internet connection. Read up on how to improve your home tech gadgets so you don't have to trek outside while you sip your coffee.

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Set the Mood With Lighting

Love watching acoustic performances by dim lighting at your local cafe? Bring that aesthetic into your kitchen by installing new wall sconces. When you're at the hardware store, buy soft white light bulbs for the right glow.

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Get Coffee Shop Accent Lighting

If you live in a city, you've probably noticed that more and more coffee shops favor a hipster aesthetic. Borrow that idea in your own home with a modern swag light. Place it over your kitchen table or island to enjoy during your morning routine.

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Take a Seat on a DIY Stool

Find inspiration in the gorgeous leather sofas and armchairs of the corner cafe and translate it into equally chic stools for your island or home bar. Set aside an afternoon or two to source your fabric and reupholster your seats. After a few DIY projects and recipe trials, you can make your own personal coffee shop in the the comfort of your own home.

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