The Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots will go head-to-head on Super Bowl Sunday, and what better way to bring fun to game day than with a good old-fashioned throw-down? Since hot dogs are a classic football food, we're pitting East Coast versus West Coast versions against each other, featuring toppings that are regional to each team's hometown.

New England versus Los Angeles hot dogs

From Los Angeles, we're combining the famous bacon-wrapped hot dog (claimed to be the official one of the city) with a quintessential California Cobb salad, which originated at the Brown Derby in Hollywood. And from New England, we're piling on all the delicious local ingredients from Boston Baked beans to Cape Cod kettle chips—and, of course, the top slit bun. Serve these up hot-dog-bar-style at your party, and let us know who wins!

Los Angeles Cobb Salad Dog

California Cobb salad hot dog

Things You’ll Need

  • Bacon

  • Hot dogs

  • Toothpicks

  • Side slit buns

  • Butter

  • Lettuce, chopped

  • Avocado, diced

  • Blue cheese, crumbled

  • Tomatoes, diced

  • Hard-boiled eggs, crumbled

  • Chives, minced

  • Mustard vinaigrette

Step 1

Wrap a slice of bacon around the hot dog, and secure each end with a toothpick.

Bacon wrapped around hot dog

Step 2

Grill both sides of the hot dog. Then remove the toothpicks and rotate the hot dog to ensure all sides are cooked thoroughly.

Grilling bacon-wrapped hot dog

Step 3

Butter the insides of a side slit bun and toast it. Then place the bacon-wrapped hot dog inside the bun.

Bacon-wrapped hot dog in toasted side slit bun

Step 4

Sprinkle lettuce on top of the hot dog, and then layer on the remaining ingredients in rows (like a Cobb salad is normally served), starting with avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and then chives.

Cobb salad ingredients on top of hot dog

Step 5

Finish with a generous drizzle of mustard vinaigrette on top.

Mustard vinaigrette on top of Cobb salad hot dog

New England Baked Beans Dog

Boston baked beans hot dog

Things You’ll Need

  • Hot dogs

  • Top slit buns

  • Butter

  • Boston baked beans

  • Vermont cheddar, shredded

  • Onions, diced

  • Relish

  • Yellow mustard

  • Cape Cod kettle chips

Step 1

First, boil the hot dog in water for a few minutes, and then grill it on both sides. Boom! This is how Fenway Franks are prepared.

Placing hot dog in boiling water

Step 2

Butter the sides of a top slit bun and toast the sides. Then turn the bun upright and place the hot dog inside.

Cooked hot dog inside toasted top slit bun

Step 3

Spoon Boston baked beans on each side of the hot dog.

Spooning Boston baked beans on top of hot dog

Step 4

Layer on the remaining ingredients, starting with Vermont cheddar, followed by onions and relish. Drizzle yellow mustard on top in a squiggle pattern.

Vermont cheddar, onions, relish and mustard on top of hot dog

Step 5

Finish by garnishing the hot dog with several Cape Cod kettle chips.

Hot dog garnished with Cape Cod kettle chips

Both equally delicious and both winners in our opinion, but we'd love to know: which one is your favorite?

Super Bowl hot dog throw down


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