Things You’ll Need

  • Coffee grinder, if available

  • Measuring spoons

  • Drip coffee machine or French press

  • Fresh water

  • Coffee mug

... Fresh ingredients and proper proportions ensure great coffee.

Starbucks House Blend coffee is a combination of Latin American beans that offers a medium body and mild taste. The coffee is available directly through Starbucks and in the coffee aisle of select grocery stores. If purchasing whole beans and grinding them in a store, select a grind to suit the preferred method of brewing. A drip coffee maker will require a medium grind, while a French press uses a courser grind to fully extract flavor from the coffee. Following a few simple steps and tips helps ensure a satisfying cup of coffee each time.

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Step 1

Place enough Starbucks House Blend beans inside a grinder to yield at least 2 tbsp. of ground coffee to every 6 fluid oz. of water used in the brewing process. If the coffee is already ground, disregard the step. With less surface exposed to oxygen, whole beans stay fresher longer than pre-ground coffee. Grinding beans directly before use helps preserve the full flavor of the coffee.

Step 2

Place the proper amount of Starbucks House Bend coffee into the filter basket or French press. Use 2 tbsp. of ground coffee to every 6 fluid oz. of water.

Step 3

Add the proper amount of fresh, cold water to the coffee machine. If using a French press, first boil the water, and then transfer the water directly to the French press. Water just off the boil is ideal for extracting maximum flavor from the coffee. Place the lid atop the French press to prevent the water from cooling.

Step 4

Allow the machine to finish brewing. If using a French press, allow the coffee to steep for between 3 and 5 minutes.

Step 5

Remove the pot from the automated coffee machine, and pour the Starbucks House Blend coffee into a mug. If using a French press, gently force the plunger atop the lid all the way down before pouring the coffee.


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