45 Stylish Bandana Hairstyles | If you love retro hair ideas, bandanas, headscarves, and head wraps are a great way to dress up your look, with the added bonus of hiding greasy, second-day hair! If you want to skip the shampoo but still look cute and put together, we've curated the best step-by-step bandana hairstyle tutorials for short, medium length, and long hair. Whether you like to wear your down, in a ponytail, in braids, in an updo, have bangs...there's a style here for you!

Washing your hair everyday can be a serious time suck – it’s also not good for your locks. Washing your hair all the time can cause your scalp to become drier and therefore produce more oil and grease. Washing less often can help your hair become less oily over time. Second or third day hair is actually ideal for many hairstyles as it gives your hair more shape and texture. Freshly-washed hair is often too soft to hold a lot of styles. For second and third day hairstyles, why not throw a bandana into the mix? It’s a cute and chic way to add something special to your look! Check out 45 stylish bandana hairstyles we love, for every length of hair!

4 Ways to Style a Bandana

1. Tie It Around Your Ponytail
A ponytail is a great second or third day hairstyle and tying a bandana around it will give you some extra poise. It elevates a simple ponytail, making it look like you put in a bunch of effort. You can do a low ponytail or high, but make sure to tie your pony with an elastic first to give it some extra support.

2. As a Headband
Can’t find your favourite headband? Don’t fret – style your bandana as a headband instead! It’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and looks super cute! Tie the bandana around your head and either leave your hair down, half up or in a top knot. You can place the knot behind your head or up top, depending on the look you’re going for!

3. Tie It Around Your Top Knot
Another perfect hairstyle for second or third day hair, a top knot allows you to throw your hair up and get it out of your face. Tie a bandana around your top knot to make the look more chic. Tuck the end pieces underneath for a polished and put together look, or leave the knot out for a more relaxed vibe.

4. Classic Bandana Look
The classic bandana look is perfect for a lazy Sunday barbecue or Saturday morning doing errands. To achieve the look, fold the square bandana into a triangle, then place it on your head and tie underneath your hair.

22 Bandana Hairstyles for Short Hair

12 Bandana Hairstyle for Short Hair | Sali Rasa – Short Hair Tutorials

There are plenty of bandana hairstyles you can create with short hair, and this tutorial provides you with 12! She has second day hair and doesn’t use any product at all, except of course, the bandana. From headband styles to braided hairstyles and tied back styles, there are tons of bandana hairstyles to try in this tutorial!

10 Easy Summer Hairstyles with Bandana Headband | Milabu

For the days when you don’t have lots of time to do your hair, you can use a bandana to make your hairstyle extra cute. She shows you how to do 10 different bandana hairstyles in this tutorial. From messy buns where the bandana is intertwined in the hairstyle to a turban bandana look that’s perfect for the holidays, you’re going to love these bandana hairstyles for short hair! Of course you’ll need a bandana for these looks, as well as hair elastics and metal hair pins.

10 Bandana Hairstyles for Medium Hair

7 Easy Silk Scarf Hairstyles | Kita Liss

You’ll need a silk bandana for these gorgeous bandana hairstyles! Follow along as she shows you how to create 7 easy hairstyles with a bandana, from a braided style to a top knot to a turban headband look. She shows you how to fold the bandana properly and gives you tips so that the hairstyles look as pretty as possible!

Easy PinUp Hairstyles with Bandana for Long to Medium Hair Length | Nena Moreno

Do you love the look of vintage pinup hairstyles? These bandana hairstyles incorporate easy pinup hairstyles so you can rock the vintage look! For these three hairstyles, you’ll need bobby pins, a brush, a hair tie and of course a bandana! Follow her step-by-step tips to create these gorgeous pinup looks you can rock with second or third day hair.

13 Bandana Hairstyles for Long Hair

8 Trendy Bandana Hairstyles for Summer | Hayley’s Corner

If you have long hair, these bandana hairstyles are for you! She styles the bandana in 8 different ways, and each one is just as lovely as the next. She shows you how to wrap up the bandana to make it work for each hairstyle, and even though she’s styling them for summer, these hairstyles will look great all year round! You’ll need a comb and if you want your hair to have a nice wave like hers, use a curling wand to get the look!

Summer Hairstyles | Using a Scarf/Bandana | By Kenzy

These bandana hairstyles are super pretty for anyone with long hair! She starts out with loose waves in her hair that she created using a straightening iron. You’ll need a hair elastic and strong bobby pins, especially if you have long, thick hair. Of course you’ll need a silk bandana, and voila, you’re off to the races with these hairstyles! They’re perfect for a casual Sunday get together or a date night at the park!

Washing your hair everyday isn’t time efficient or great for your hair. Skip the shampoo and try these stylish bandana hairstyles for second and third day hair!


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