Nine 90s Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths | From butterfly clips and claw clips, to mom jeans and overalls, to cargo pants and doc martens, 90s trends are making a comeback in a BIG way. If hairstyles are your jam, there are tons of easy ways to add a little 90s flare to your locks, and we've curated 9 of the best! Whether you're looking for 90s styles for short hair, for medium hair, or for long hair, this post has step-by-step hair tutorials to teach you how to recreate these looks from home!

90s hairstyles are making a comeback. Fun and iconic, 90s hairstyles urge us to get creative with accessories, and do more than the effortless hairstyles we’ve become accustomed to. Hair accessories like claw clips and snap clips are gaining popularity and we all have the 90s to thank. Take a look at our favourite hairstyles from the cool girl decade for all hair lengths!

Four 90s Hairstyle Accessories to Invest In

1. Butterfly Clips
Butterfly hair clips of the 90s were bright and colourful, and while you may want to try that look, opt for brown butterfly clips for something a little more subtle. There’s nothing like a butterfly clip hairstyle to bring that 90s nostalgia.

2. Claw Clips
Claw clips are so quintessentially 90s. The French twist held with a claw clip is a hairstyle I would wear on the regular in my pre-teen days and they’re making a big comeback.

3. Snap Hair Clips
Hair clips of all sorts were popular in the 90s and snap clips were a go-to accessory. A set of clips and barrettes will allow you to create a bunch of different 90s hairstyles.

4. Hair Straightener
Straight hair and flipped ends were highly loved in the 90s, which means hair straighteners were flying off the shelves. A ceramic flat iron will help you achieve the 90s looks of your dreams.

Three 90s Hairstyles for Short Hair

Textured Pixie | ghd Hairstyle How-To | ghd

Pixie cuts were all the rage in the 90s and the textured pixie was a popular way to style the short ‘do. This tutorial shows you how to get textured tresses, bringing movement to your cropped look. Easy to create, this 90s style will have you looking effortlessly cool wherever you go. You’ll need products like a root lift spray, a mini hair styler and hair styling wax.

90s Bob Mini Tutorial | SACHEU

The 90s bob is a quintessential hairstyle of the decade, made popular by the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston and Christy Turlington. It’s a cute, iconic look that shapes your face really well, no matter your face shape. She gives you tips on how to style the 90s bob and make it last throughout the day and uses products like the Conair 1” Ceramic Straightener, the Wet Brush Detangling Brush and the Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil.

Crimped Beachy Waves on Short Hair | Alexis Therese Castillo

We couldn’t make a list of 90s hairstyles without a crimped ‘do thrown in. Crimped hair was extremely popular in the 90s and it’s been making a comeback in a more elevated way. These crimped beachy waves are a great example. To get the look, you’ll need a hair waver as well as the CAVIAR Anti-Aging Perfect Texture Spray and the Ouai Dry Texture Foam.

Three 90s Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Half-Up Flipped-Ends Hair Tutorial | Delaney Childs

Flipped ends were super popular in the 90s as were half up ‘dos. This hairstyle combines the two for a cute look you’ll absolutely love to wear. It’s a really easy hairstyle to do and you can wear it from day to night. You’ll need a blow dryer, hair straightener and a hair brush. Follow her step-by-step guide to get this look and you’ll be looking 90s chic in no time.

5 Ways to Style Hair Clips | Adrianna Slezak

If hair clips don’t scream “the 90s” I don’t know what does! They’re so easy to wear and you can totally pull them off in the 2020s. In this tutorial, she shows you how to style hair clips five different ways for some awesome variation. Along with hair clips, you’ll need bobby pins and clear elastics to rock this 90s trend.

Bubble Braids Tutorial (2 Different Ways) | Mae Sitler

These bubble braid hairstyles can be done on medium or long hair. The first one is simple and the second one is more advanced, so feel free to try them both and wear them for different occasions. While pigtails can give off a younger vibe, bubble braids are a cool way to elevate the look. She uses the Kristin Ess Wide Tooth Detangling Hair Comb, mini hair bands and the Kristin Ess Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo.

Three 90s Hairstyles for Long Hair

90s Twists and Butterfly Clips | Brittney Gray

Since butterfly clips were oh, so popular in the 90s, of course we had to include a butterfly clip hairstyle in here! One of the most common ways to use these cute clips was to twist sections of your hair back and clip them with the butterfly clips. She uses the Hot Tools Nano Ceramic 1” Curling Iron as well as the CHI Pliable Polish and the CHI Enviro 54 Natural Hold Hairspray to get this fun 90s look!

Quick and Easy 90’s Ponytail Tutorial | Anife

This 90s-inspired ponytail is quick and easy to do. It’s perfect for the days you want to wear your hair up and are feeling a 90s vibe. All you need is a thin hair tie to section off the front of your hair, a thick hair tie, a boar bristle brush and hairspray to get the look. If you have flyaways, you can also use an edge control product to keep them in place.

Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles // 90s, Fresh Twist | Olivia DeMuro

If you’re a fan of claw clip hairstyles, you’re going to love these 90s-inspired ‘dos. She demonstrates how to create three different claw clip hairstyles that are super on trend right now. From a half up half down hairstyle, to a French twist and a high bun, these are styles you can wear on the daily. Along with the claw clip, you’ll also need hairspray for the third hairstyle!

Ready to go back in time with these 90s looks? Try out these hairstyles no matter your hair length!


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