11 Pin Up Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths | If you love 1940s vintage hairstyles, these step by step pin up hair tutorials will not disappoint! From pin curls for short hair, to 1940s headscarf hairstyles, to vintage waves for medium length hair, to pin up hairstyles with a bandana, to victory rolls for long hair, you'll learn how to do pin up hairstyles like a boss! Some of these styles are simple and quick, while others take some some time, but all of them are retro and gorgeous!

Do you love the look of 1940s vintage hairstyles? Pin up hairstyles are classic, beautiful and extremely sexy. There are looks for every hair length, from polished curls to chic waves to victory rolls and updos with hair scarves. You can easily create the most popular hairstyles from the 1940s today with the following tutorials! Ready to transform your look? Check out these pin up hairstyles for all hair lengths.

3 Pin Up Hairstyles for Short Hair

Retro Pinup Short Hair Pin Curl Tutorial | Kandy K

If you have a bob or lob (long bob), this pin up hair tutorial is for you! You’ll need a teasing brush, sectioning clips and hairspray, as well as a hair straightener to create the coveted pin up curls! This retro ‘do takes about 30 to 40 minutes, so make sure you give yourself ample time to get it done. She gives you tips on how to make your curls look perfectly pin-up so follow along for her advice!

How to Tie a 1940s Headscarf | Retro Chick

The retro headscarf look is quintessentially 1940s! This tutorial will take you through how to tie a headscarf Rosie the Riveter style. It’s perfect for covering pin curls or keeping your hair out of the way, and it’s a gorgeous vintage style that’s perfect for gals with short hair! Get yourself a vintage headscarf and learn to tie it the retro way!

Classic Pin-Up Hair Tutorial | PinUpDollAShleyMarie

This classic look is super big, puffy and curly and will transform you into a 1940s pin up girl. It does take some time, so you need to have patience, but the results will be worth it! You’ll need products including a ¾ inch curling iron, duckbill clips, and pin curl clips as well as a nylon hair scarf. Get ready to rock this short hair pin up hairstyle!

5 Pin Up Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Vintage Waves | Miss Elle La Belle

If you have hair below your shoulders and love the look of vintage waves, follow this tutorial to see exactly how to create them yourself. She shows you her go-to techniques and uses products such as the Hot Tools ½ inch curling iron, Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray, and a hair texturing pomade. Vintage waves are classic and retro, and are sure to make you look and feel like you’re in the 1940s!

Easy Pin Up Hairstyles with Bandana for Long to Medium Hair Length | Nena Moreno

All three of these hairstyles are gorgeous and easy to do! They’re all vintage updos that use a bandana as an accessory to really enhance the retro vibe. You’ll also need bobby pins to secure the hairstyles and get the bandana to stay in place. These hairstyles are all very fun and unique, so be sure to use one next time you’re going for a vintage look!

How I Do My Pin Curls | Vintage Inspired | Jenny Lopez

These pin curls are so cute and totally retro chic. She uses a teasing brush, hairspray, a Conair curling iron and lots and lots of bobby pins to get the look. Follow her step by step technique and note that she usually waits an hour for her hair to cool down, so make sure you give yourself time to create this look!

3 Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

How to: Victory Rolls | Loepsie

Victory rolls were popular in the 1940s and are the queen of vintage hairstyles! They were originally created to show support to soldiers in WWII, but are now a must-try hairstyle for anyone who wants to create a vintage look. She starts off with a heat protectant spray so she doesn’t damage her hair, and goes on to create the curls with a 19mm curling iron. You’ll also need bobby pins and a boar bristle brush to get the vintage, large fluffy waves!

How to Create a Pinup Hairstyle with A Scarf for Long Hair | Nena Moreno

We love this vintage updo for long hair! To get this look, you’ll need a curling iron to give shape to your hair, and she gives you her best tips for curling your hair for a retro look! You’ll also need hair clips, a heat protector and a chiffon hair scarf to finish the look.

Vintage Hair Tutorial | PINUP PALMER

This vintage hair look is giving us major Rita Hayworth meets Jessica Rabbit vibes and we are here for it! It’s the perfect retro hairstyle for long hair as it allows you to create the big, gorgeous curls we all love from that era. To get this look, you’ll need products like a 1 inch curling iron, a big paddle brush with long bristles, duckbill pins and hairspray. Ready to get the look? Follow her step-by-step tips and tricks!

Ready to transform yourself into a 1940s bombshells? These tutorials will help you at any hair length!


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