Every family has at least one recipe that reminds everyone of Mom. This project turns that beloved recipe into a towel art keepsake that can be used as a daily kitchen accessory or a framed piece of art. It's easy to personalize, requires minimal tools and can be used for years to come. Not to mention, it makes an ideal gift for Mother's Day!

Recipe towel art

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Things You’ll Need

  • Cotton tea towel, washed and dried

  • Recipe print out

  • Painter's tape

  • Painter's pen, in your choice of color (fine point, medium or chisel tip)

  • Sunny window

Step 1: Use a Word Document to Design and Print Your Recipe

The hardest part of this project is choosing the recipe. I chose a family favorite, and one we cherish from my grandma. Once you have your recipe, open a Word document to design and print the recipe. Create your own unique layout and choose custom fonts to personalize it!

Recipe Towel Art


If you'd like to use the actual recipe card with the original handwriting, take it to any print shop and have it designed to the size you'd like to imprint on your towel!

Step 2: Tape the Recipe to a Sunny Window

Tape the recipe to a window using painter's tape. A bright window works best, since you'll be using the light to help transfer the recipe to your tea towel.

Tape the recipe to a sunny window.


Any tape can be used, but be sure it can easily be removed from the window.

Step 3: Align and Tape Your Tea Towel

Once you have the recipe taped to the window, position the tea towel. Choose the location you want the recipe to be located in, and tape the towel to the window with painter's tape. Make sure the towel is straight over the recipe.

Tape the towel over the recipe on the window.


If you want the towel to hang in your kitchen, fold the towel how you normally would, and use that folded section as your recipe canvas.

Step 4: Start Tracing the Recipe onto the Towel

Depending on the type of font the recipe is in, choose the painter's pen that will best transfer the words. For this project, the fine tip pen was the best application.

Trace the recipe onto the tea towel.

Holding the painter's pen with a steady hand, begin tracing the letters from the printed recipe onto the tea towel.

Trace the recipe onto the tea towel.

You should be able to see the recipe easily through the tea towel (depending on thickness of the fabric), but if you're struggling, use your free hand to press the tea towel onto the recipe.

Trace the recipe onto the tea towel.


The thinner the tea towel, the better you will be able to see, and trace, the recipe.

Step 5: Continue Tracing the Recipe

Carefully continue tracing the recipe onto your tea towel. It's helpful to have an extra copy of the recipe to use as a reference while you trace.

Trace the recipe onto the tea towel.


The ink dries fast (almost as soon as your finish each letter), so don't worry about setting it aside to dry.

Step 6: Remove the Tape and Finish

When the entire recipe is transferred onto the tea towel, remove the tape. With that, your project is done. You can either choose a frame to put it in, or leave the towel as is for use in the kitchen.

Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art

Step 7: Optional: Frame the Tea Towel

If you wish to frame the tea towel for wall art, simply choose a frame that fits the recipe.

Optional: framing the tea towel.

Step 8: Fold the Tea Towel and Center It in the Frame

Fold the tea towel over the glass and insert the tea towel into the frame, making sure it's centered. Attach the backing to complete.

Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art


You can cut the tea towel to fit the frame, but I left it whole to allow for multiple uses.

Step 9: Iron Out Any Wrinkles

Depending on the tea towel, there may be a few minor wrinkles. Use an iron to smooth the material.

Iron any wrinkles.


Set the iron to the lowest setting. You don't want to burn the towel!

Step 10: Present the Gift to Mom

Now that the project is complete, share it with mom. It'll look great in a frame or as a new towel for the kitchen. How could she not love it?

Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art Recipe Towel Art


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