90 Stocking Stuffers for Tweens | Looking for the best gifts for tween girls and tween boys that will fit in a stocking? Tweens can be difficult to buy for, but we've got tons of girls ideas and boys ideas that are cheap but good to help make Christmas morning extra special. We've also included holiday online shopping links so you can purchase everything from the comfort of your own home. With tons of creative and unique presents to choose from, these non-toy gift ideas won't disappoint!

If you’re looking for gift ideas for older kids that are creative and unique, but also compact and cheap, we’ve curated a list of our favorite stocking stuffers for tweens and teens! While kids are harder to buy for when they reach that in-between age, we’ve got a mix of toy and non-toy gift ideas to help make this Christmas your child’s best one yet. And if you’re anything like us and prefer to do all of your shopping online, we’ve including links so you can purchase most of these items directly from Amazon. With tons of ideas to choose from, these ideas will not disappoint!

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And now for those stocking stuffers…

Stocking Stuffers for Tweens and Teens: 45 Ideas for Girls

  1. Flip sequin diary with a lock
  2. Mandala coloring book
  3. Gel pen set
  4. Drawing and sketching set
  5. Scrapbook stickers
  6. OH! MY GIF
  7. Origami kit
  8. Jewelry making supplies
  9. Sequin backpack charms
  10. Rechargeable book light
  11. Lip Smacker lip balm set
  12. Unicorn slippers
  13. Bath and Body Works Scented Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer
  14. Bath and Body Works Shower Gel
  15. Birthday cake bath bomb
  16. Initial necklace
  17. Cell phone desk stand
  18. PopSockets
  19. Wireless ear buds
  20. Blue light blocking glasses
  21. Selfie stick
  22. Selfie ring light with tripod
  23. Cell phone case
  24. Cable bites
  25. Color changing LED strip lights
  26. Flip sequin coin pouch
  27. Multi-colored clip in hair extensions
  28. Temporary hair chalk
  29. Tie dye makeup bag
  30. Makeup brush set
  31. Makeup sponge set
  32. Morphe eyeshadow palette
  33. Manicure set
  34. Nail polish set
  35. Nail art stickers
  36. Nail polish remover
  37. Tweexy wearable nail polish holder
  38. Facial sheet masks
  39. Vera Wang Princess perfume
  40. Subscription to favoritate magazine
  41. Gift cards to favorite fast food places
  42. Amazon gift card
  43. iTunes gift card
  44. Gas card
  45. Favorite treats (large candy bar, pack of gummies, flavoured gum, etc.)

Stocking Stuffers for Tweens and Teens: 45 Ideas for Boys

  1. 4M Tin Can Robot
  2. Mini drone
  3. Whoopee cushion
  4. Hackey sacks
  5. Mini foam dart blaster
  6. PEZ dispenser
  7. BeanBoozled mystery jelly beans
  8. Magic 8 ball
  9. Infinity cube fidget toy
  10. Mini desktop basketball set
  11. Rechargeable book light
  12. Cell phone desk stand
  13. Cell phone case
  14. PopSockets
  15. Wireless ear buds
  16. Selfie stick
  17. Selfie ring light with tripod
  18. Color changing LED strip lights
  19. Waterproof shower speaker
  20. Wireless mini pocket bluetooth speaker
  21. Game controller thumb drive
  22. Harry Potter cable bites
  23. Portable charger
  24. Beanie with bluetooth headphones
  25. Blue light blocking glasses
  26. Tie dye hip bag
  27. Flashing LED finger light gloves
  28. Personalized leather money clip
  29. Funny socks
  30. Boy manicure set
  31. Adidas body spray
  32. Deodorizer balls for sneakers
  33. Resistance bands
  34. Hand grip strengthener
  35. Rechargeable battery set
  36. Mini screwdriver set
  37. Subscription to favoritate magazine
  38. Gift cards to favorite fast food places
  39. Amazon gift card
  40. Fortnite V-Bucks gift card
  41. Roblox gift card
  42. Nintendo and/or PlayStation gift card
  43. iTunes gift card
  44. Gas card
  45. Favorite treats (large candy bar, pack of gummies, flavoured gum, etc.)

Kids can be difficult to buy for once they start to transition away from toys and develop their own unique interests, but I hope this collection of stocking stuffers for tweens and teens inspires you and helps make Christmas extra special this year!


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