If you're a vodka enthusiast, you should definitely consider infusions. Because vodka has a neutral taste to begin with, it's an excellent base for other flavors. Many extracts, such as vanilla, actually use vodka as their base. All you need is some vodka, a flavoring agent, and a bit of patience. Jalapeño peppers are a fun option for infused vodka because their heat level isn't overpowering, but they have a wonderful pepperiness that will enhance any number of vodka drinks. Think martinis, greyhounds, or a jalapeño-infused Bloody Mary.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow

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Things You’ll Need

  • 2 to 4 jalapeños

  • 750 ml vodka

  • Decorative 750 ml bottle

  • Kitchen-safe gloves

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Tools

Technically, all you need for this recipe is a mid-range vodka and some fresh jalapeño peppers. You can store the infusion in the original vodka bottle. However, if you're planning on serving guests, it's nice to buy a decorative glass bottle for serving and storing. These can be found online, at gourmet shops, craft stores, and hardware stores. You also want kitchen-safe gloves to wear while handling the peppers.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow

Step 2: Slice the Jalapeños

Cut the jalapeños into 1/4 inch slices, discarding the stems.


Always wear kitchen-safe gloves when handling hot peppers. The natural oils from the peppers can burn your fingers, or worse — your eyes.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow

Step 3: Remove the Seeds

Carefully remove and discard the seeds by pressing them into a bowl. It's OK if a few seeds remain, but keep in mind that seeds aren't ideal in cocktails so you might need to strain them out later.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow


Another option is to halve or quarter the peppers instead of slicing them. This will save time, but the rounds look more decorative in the bottle.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow

Step 4: Place Jalapeños in the Bottle

Place the slices in a decorative serving bottle. If you're using the original vodka bottle, temporarily transfer the vodka to a large liquid measuring cup or large bowl.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow

Step 5: Add Vodka

Pour the vodka into the bottle. Allow the mixture to infuse for 1 to 2 weeks for maximum flavor.

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapeños | eHow


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