Beer Keg and Pitcher A beer keg can be drained at home. Image Credit: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

A keg is a cylindrical container used to store and serve liquids and beverages, primarily beer. It is usually made out of aluminum although steel and wooden kegs are also available at select places. Beer kegs are useful for parties, picnics and camping where beer needs to be served again and again. Beer kegs can be emptied and used as kettles for brewing and storage. With proper beer keg taps, you will be able to empty and refill the kegs easily time after time.

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Step 1

Affix the coupler of your keg pump with the bunghole found at the crown of your beer keg. Slide the pump into position and put pressure on top of the pump to fasten it properly to the bunghole.

Step 2

Turn the pump's coupler in the clockwise direction to lock it. Press downward at the center of the coupler to ensure the pump's handle is properly locked.

Step 3

Discharge any collected pressure by turning the keg faucet slightly. Don't open it completely. There might be some foam in the keg, if it's not been emptied for long.

Step 4

Turn the faucet open entirely. Allow the collected beer to pour out. Drain out the last dregs by holding the keg at an inclined angle.

Step 5

Remove the keg pump. The keg is now ready for reuse as a brew kettle or container.


Keg pumps introduce oxygen and bacteria into the keg. Consume the beer stored in the keg after refill in a short time or refrigerate the keg for longer use.


Do not open the faucet suddenly. Open it slowly and only after turning the keg away from you. Like any other pressurized container, kegs can cause injuries if anything goes wrong.


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