7 Shoulder and Back Workouts for Women | Whether you're training at home with no equipment, or lifting weights at the gym, working your shoulders and back helps increase range of motion, prevent injury, improve posture, and enhance strength and performance. And sculpted shoulders are sexy, too! If you're looking for shoulder workouts and/or back workouts for women to tighten, tone, and get rid of back fat, grab your dumbbells and give these a try! We've included no equipment options too!

Shoulder and back workouts are essential if you want to lose weight and tone up. Not only are they great for aesthetic purposes, they also make you stronger and improve your ability to do day to day motions and activities. While you may have not paid them much attention in the past, shoulder and back workouts are some of the best ways to sculpt your upper body. Ready to get sexy and toned? Check out these 7 shoulder and back workouts for women!

3 Benefits of Shoulder Workouts

1. Increases Range of Motion
Strengthening your shoulder muscles and doing regular shoulder workouts keeps your joints from becoming stiff. Shoulder workouts keep your shoulder joint and muscles limber. They increase your range of motion and function in your shoulders, allowing you to do day-to-day tasks and activities more easily.

2. Prevents Injury
Your shoulders are the least stable joint in your body, so maintaining strength and flexibility in your shoulders is really important. When the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint are weak, it can lead to injury when you’re doing activities such as throwing a softball, swinging a golf club, or even reaching overhead. Shoulder workouts also reduce stress across the joint, making you less susceptible to bursitis and tendonitis.

3. Aesthetics
Shoulder workouts create a sexy and sculpted look. Strong shoulders can make your frame look more proportional, creating an inverted triangle shape in your upper body. It’s wider at the top and narrower at the waist, giving you the look of a nice, lean midsection.

3 Benefits of Back Workouts

1. Improves Everyday Activities
You use your back for almost everything you do throughout the day, from lifting things up to taking things down off shelves, and any pushing and pulling motions. Having a strong back will make daily life easier and improve your overall strength.

2. Enhances Posture
Back workouts can help you significantly improve your posture. Many of us sit hunched over at a computer all day, and slouching while sitting and standing has become a bad habit that most of us have adopted. Back muscles support us in an upright position, and when your back is stronger, it’s easier to sit straight with good posture.

3. Increases Strength and Performance
If working out is important to you, you should know that back workouts will increase your overall strength and performance while exercising. A strong back is the foundation of every upper body movement and exercise, and will benefit every workout you do.

7 Shoulder and Back Workouts for Women

At Home Back Workout with Dumbbells | Heather Robertson

Want a sexy back? This workout targets “back bulge”, improving your posture and sculpting lean back muscles. You’ll need a set of dumbbells for these back exercises, ranging from the renegade row to reverse flys to wide rows and pull overs!

Build Sexy Shoulders | Workout for Women | Whitney Simmons

This shoulder workout is sure to set your muscles on fire! In a good way of course! She does the exercises at the gym, but you can do them easily from home, since all you need is dumbbells, a weight plate and a place to sit. She brings you through moves such as seated dumbbell “around the worlds”, reverse grip lateral raises, and so much more. You’ll work your way to strong, sexy shoulders with this workout!

10 Min Intense Back Workout (At Home and Apartment Friendly) | MadFit

This 10 minute at home back workout is sure to strengthen and sculpt your back! She suggests using two sets of dumbbells – a heavier and a lighter set, plus a soft surface like a yoga mat since you’ll be doing quite a bit of floor work. You’ll do each exercise 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off and will do 10 different exercises including close grip rows, face down snow angels, underhand rows and more.

At Home Shoulder Workout | Best Shoulder Exercises | Vicky Justiz

There’s a lot of yoga-inspired shoulder work in this workout, so if you’re a fan of yoga, this one’s for you. You’ll want to use an exercise/yoga mat since a lot of the exercises are done on the floor! She combines body weight workouts with weighted exercises, so you can use dumbbells or other weights of your choice. You’ll do five exercises for one minute each, with a 30 second rest in between. Repeat the whole circuit three times for an awesome shoulder sculpting workout!

Back Workout for Women (No Equipment) | Holly Dolke

If you’re searching for a back workout with no equipment, we’ve got just the one for you! This workout targets all areas of your back, helping you burn fat and giving you a toned, sculpted look! You’ll do unique no-equipment moves like the super man and the snow angel for a tight, strong back you’ll love to show off!

7 Min Shoulder Workout for Women | Best Arm Workout At Home | Super Sister Fitness

Sculpt and tone your shoulders at home with this dumbbell shoulder workout! In just seven minutes, you’ll work your shoulders with moves like lateral raises, front raises, scaptions, post-delt flyes, and more! You’ll get a great shoulder workout and reap awesome results for sexy, sculpted shoulders.

Back, Chest and Shoulders Workout – Ultimate Upper Body | Rebecca-Louise

This exercise routine works your entire upper body, including your shoulders, back and chest. You’ll need a set of weights for this intense upper body routine with moves like dumbbell shoulder presses, standing reverse flys, chest presses, pushups and more! If you really want to strengthen and sculpt your upper body, do these moves on the regular!

Ready to sculpt and tone your back and shoulders? These workout routines are just what you need!


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