A concrete block planter is easy to build — and inexpensive, too. Although we created a corner planter, you can configure the blocks in any shape that works for your space. In a single afternoon, you can spark up your space with blooming color.

Concrete block planter on corner of patio

Things You’ll Need

  • 19 concrete blocks

  • Masonry chisel & hammer

  • Landscape fabric

  • Construction adhesive

  • Paint & paint brush

  • Window screen

  • Potting soil

  • Plants

Step 1: Prepare the blocks

Score a line all the way around a block, tapping lightly on a masonry chisel with a hammer. Lay the block flat, put the chisel onto the scored line, and firmly strike the chisel with the hammer. Repeat to create five half blocks.

Full-size blocks cut into half blocks


You may be able to purchase half blocks. If so, you need 16 full blocks and five half blocks for this planter.

Step 2: Prepare blocks for planting

Cut landscape fabric to fit each block. Apply construction adhesive to the edges of each block and secure the landscape fabric.

Prepared blocks lined up in rows

Step 3: Stack the blocks

Set out the first layer of blocks, starting with a half block, then a full block facing forward. Add another half block, then two more full blocks. At the corner, set out two full blocks.

Starting at the corner, place two blocks in each direction.

Blocks in place for corner of planter

On the left side, add a half block, then a full block facing forward, followed by another half block.

Blocks in place for second side of planter

Begin the second layer with one half block, a full block set facing forward, and another half block, and a full block.

At the corner, place one full block, another facing forward, then one more full block parallel with the wall.

Second layer of blocks in place

For the third layer, set a full block over the front-facing block. Add two full blocks — one facing forward and the other forming the corner. Add one more full block, covering the front-facing block near the end of this row.

Third layer of blocks in place

Place two full blocks at the corner to create the fourth layer, then top the structure with a half block.

All blocks stacked into planter

Step 4: Paint the blocks

Paint the forward-facing blocks as desired.

Forward facing blocks painted

Step 5: Prepare planter

Cut square of window screen to fit into the cores of the blocks to be planted. Trim the squares into "t" shapes. Fold each piece of screen and push it down into the open core.

Window screen cut into shape

Add soil to the prepared openings.

Soil being added to openings in blocks

Add plants and water thoroughly.

Plants in place, being watered Finished planter in corner of decorated patio


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