20 Chicory Coffee Recipes | Trying to cut back on your caffeine intake but still need a boost? These chicory coffee recipe ideas are for you! Chicory root offers so many health benefits. It's good for gut health, boosts immunity, offers natural constipation relief, and can help with weight loss to boot. From an easy chicory vanilla latte, to bulletproof chicory coffee, to dandelion and chicory chai, to spiked iced chicory, to cold brew chicory coffee, these drinks will kickstart your day!

Sitting down with a morning cup of coffee is an essential part of any good morning routine. It gets you prepped for the day ahead and allows you to enjoy some me-time before the hustle sets in. Although coffee may help wake you up, it can also lead to jitters and anxiety. Chicory coffee is a great herbal alternative that gives you a similar taste without the jolt. Packed with nutrients and health benefits, chicory coffee is making waves as the latest “coffee” to try. If you’ve been feeling bored with your morning cup of jo, try out these chicory coffee recipes to jumpstart your day.

What is Chicory?

Chicory is a plant belonging to the dandelion family and is characterized by a tough, hairy stem, with light blue/purplish flowers and leaves. Chicory leaves are often eaten like celery and the roots are boiled and eaten with butter. Chicory is also used in salads and as a cooking spice to flavour foods and beverages. It’s a naturally caffeine-free root that’s roasted and cut up into a form that’s often used as a coffee substitute or addition. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, chicory offers a similar slightly rich flavour to coffee without the buzz.

What Are The Health Benefits of Chicory?

1. Improves Gut Health
Chicory is packed with the prebiotic fibre inulin. Inulin feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, helping to reduce inflammation, fight harmful bacteria and improve mineral absorption. Chicory may help improve the health of the gut microbiome, which has a strong influence on health and disease.

2. Constipation Relief
The inulin in chicory root passes through your body undigested and feeds your gut bacteria, promoting healthy digestion. Inulin has been shown to relieve constipation, resulting in more regular bowel movements. By maintaining a smooth and regular digestive process, you can reduce the chances of gastrointestinal conditions and diseases.

3. Improves Heart Health
Inulin has also been shown to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol (or bad cholesterol) in the body. LDL cholesterol is one of the main causes of high blood pressure since it blocks the flow of blood when it binds to arteries and veins. This can result in heart attacks and strokes. Chicory is filled with plant phenols which are considered antioxidants. Chicory coffee can improve the balance of blood and plasma in the body, which can reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Weight Loss
Chicory is a low-calorie root and is a good source of oligofructose and inulin, which aids in weight management and promotes weight loss. Both of these things help regulate ghrelin, an amino acid associated with feelings of hunger. By regulating ghrelin, chicory can reduce overeating and promote the feeling of fullness, helping with weight loss.

5. May Improve Brain Function
Chicory contains manganese and vitamin B6, which are crucial nutrients for your brain. Manganese has anti-oxidative properties that help improve blood flow to the brain as well as fight free radicals. It can also increase the speed that electrical signals pass through the brain to improve overall brain function. Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient required to create certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

6. Helps You Cut Down on Caffeine
If you’ve been wanting to cut down on your caffeine intake, chicory coffee just may be your saving grace. It won’t give you the caffeine high, but if you’re someone who loves the taste of coffee without the jitters, chicory java could be the perfect thing for you. You can also mix chicory with a small amount of coffee to reduce the amount of caffeine you’re consuming but still get a little boost.

7. Boosts Immunity
Chicory is a powerful booster for your immune system for a number of reasons. It offers antibacterial effects on numerous strains of dangerous bacteria and with its high antioxidant content, it helps eliminate free radicals from the bloodstream. This reduces your chances of contracting a number of diseases.

How To Make Chicory Coffee

1. Steam ½ cup of milk (dairy or plant-based), make sure not to boil
2. Brew ½ tablespoon chicory with one cup of water, like you would coffee using a French press, drip coffee maker, pour-over filter coffee maker, or other
3. Pour mixture into a mug
4. Top with milk, stir and sweeten to your liking with honey, maple syrup, sugar or sweetener
5. Season with spice such as cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves

If you want to use it in addition to your coffee so you still get a bit of a caffeine kick, try ⅔ regular ground coffee with ⅓ chicory root and see how you like the flavour and caffeine content.

20 Chicory Coffee Recipes To Try

1. Chicory Coffee from Scratch | Simply Beyond Herbs
2. Chicory Vanilla Latte | A Beautiful Mess
3. Caffeine-Free Spiced Chicory Coffee | Divine Taste
4. Chicory Root Maple and Almond Milk Latte | Frontier Coop
5. “Bulletproof” Style Chicory Coffee | Autoimmune Wellness
6. Better Than Coffee (Chicory Latte) | Hormones and Balance
7. Dandelion and Chicory Chai | Kitchn
8. Cold-Brew Chicory Coffee | Bon Appetit
9. Frozen Mocha Chicoccino | Traditional Cooking School
10. Dandelion Root Coffee with Chicory Root and Cinnamon | Grow Forage Cook Ferment
11. Keto Chicory Latte | Cook 2 Nourish
12. Chicory Root Vietnamese Iced Coffee | Elevated Wild
13. New Orlean’s Style Chicory Coffee | Paula Deen
14. Turmeric Latte with Cinnamon and Chicory | Wellness Mama
15. Spiked Iced Chicory Coffee | Food Network
16. Chicory Mocha | Homespun Seasonal Living
17. Chicory Frappe | Home Cooking Adventure
18. Dairy-Free Chicory Coffee Cappuccino | Vitacost
19. Mocha Maca Chicory Coffee | Anthony’s Goods
20. Herbal Mocha with Chicory and Maca | Golubka Kitchen

Chicory coffee is about to become the best part of your morning. Try out these recipes and reap all the amazing benefits chicory has to offer!


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